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Da Ali G Show

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Da Ali G Show était diffusée le à sur HBO
  • Dernier épisode :
    2x06 « Realness », le 22 Aoû 2004
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  • Derniers parus :
    1x02 « War » , le 08 Fév 2009
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This outrageous comedy/reality series stars British chameleon Sacha Baron Cohen, who travels across America in the guise of one of three totally different characters. Cohen's primary alter-ego is Ali G., who calls himself a "hip-hop journalist", but who's really a white rapper-wannabe. When Cohen isn't putting Ali G and his "guests" in unusual and often delightfully uncomfortable situations, he's shedding his yellow gangsta track suit attire and slipping into two other memorable characters: Borat, an impossibly naive TV reporter from Kazakhstan, and Bruno, a gay Austrian fashionista.